Friday, September 26, 2008

Interbike '08 Part 1

So here I am again in dreaded Las Vegas. I loath this town- if you strip away everything good away from the world and leave behind filth, greed, and obnoxious marketing you have Vegas. But "THE SHOW" is always a great time. Tons of friends, tons of bikes, and lots of things to do for the year keep me busy for three days.

Here are my first day highlights of the show in no particular order.

Giro making gloves now! The fancy leather pair on the left was the hot ticket...

From the folks that make the Zero Gravity brakes are a nice set of cross brakes. Coming soon to Bicycle Sport.

Sram bought Zipp last year and we are now seeing the results of it. These are the Flashpoints rebadged as Sram "S" wheels. Better looking than the FPs and this year are a bit cheaper as well.

I've ridden with Lance, had a few Trek arranged autograph sessions with the guy, and seen him speak a bunch of times, but this is the first time I've ever seen him race. He was on a Trek XO1 cross bike and raced with the pros at the Cross Las Vegas event Wed night. He didn't make the first group but definitely showed he has no problems hitting it hard.

Lots of pros hitting it hard. Ryan Trebon won.

Lance rolling along.

Oh does the kid look tired.

Ok, here is the question. How many of you will pay $2999.00 to go 20 miles on a 4 hour charge? More miles avail if you actually pedal. Bring your deposits now.

Julian Absalon... want to see my gold medal?

Lightweight wheels- Lance and gang were riding these way back in mountain stages with no decals. Some of you will remember that Bicycle Sport was the only shop in the states to stock these in '02 or so.

We've been waiting for the Quarc power meter for a while and they finally shipped a few. Paired up with the Rotor cranks and rings is a great option.

Ben has had these down at Sport South for a while now. Hudz are a sweet way to trick out your ride. Still avail at South.

This is the e-motion trainer. We've had a few of these for 2 years and love them. I have one new version on the way and it should be around in a few weeks. Only $999.00.

We found "Sqivvy" the portable changing tent that pops up and folds in under 2 minutes. I thought this was very cool and will be the easy holiday gift of choice this year. On the way to sport.

Roney discovering the Palazzo plushness.

Finally we are a featured shop at Interbike! Inertia Designs makes our sweet seat bags!

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