Thursday, October 02, 2008

Interbike '08 Part 2

Here are some more Interbike pics.

Here is local cycling superstar Christina with her bosses Shane and Hope. If you like wearing "cycling" socks with cool little logos on them thank this guy- he invented them.

Flashpoint wheels look good again. This year they promise to make the 40. However they are a bit more expensive than the Sram version.

If you put these on your bike you'll save 9 seconds over 40k. Sounds reasonable to me. I think $1000.00 or so. What size would you like?

Belt drive. VERY cool. There is a mini conglomerate of Maverick, Spot Brand, and the Belt Drive gang- it is going to get popular! Trek District comes with it this year.

Craig Lewis, Hincapie, and Cavendish sitting in the Scott booth figuring out what bike they are going to ride on Team Columbia. Scenes like this are common.

Feather Brakes - under 200 grames, $399.00, and actually work compared to the other light brakes on the market (according to them). On the way to BSMP now.

Electra Bikes. Always colorful, sporty, and fun.

Baskets. Baskets. Did I mention Baskets? How can you carry your groceries without a basket? How? HOW???!!!

More Cross. This is one of the reasons cross racing is fun.

I think this girl's name is Josie. She raced cross and still looked good after.

Zipp finally goes to adjustable hub bearings. No more built in "play." ZedTech hubs have dimples and other fancy stuff.

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