Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jan 30th the details.

Just got back from the Houston Rockets basketball game. It was... a game. It is like watching reruns of Gilligan's Island- no matter what happens it doesn't really matter in the real world. Although this time at least Mary Ann and Ginger stopped by to say hello to me.

Mark and I took out the mountain bikes on Sunday and rode around here for a few hours. The Bayou trail is a very busy path on the weekends so we dodged cruisers and babies and joggers and rollerbladers and even a small gang of bmxers with camelbaks. No road riding around here- way too busy and dangerous. I think it could be the first time I've ever said and/or believed that about a town. I am going to head up to the Woodlands and hang out with Michael this weekend and there is road riding up there. It is 45 miles away.

Apple store here is a nightmare. They will hand you anything and tell you it works. I will be making my 4th trip there in 4 days to return a battery that doesn't fit my macbook. The mall here on weekends is like... I guess all malls. It is sad that on a beautiful weekend day the mall is so crowded. Yes. I know I was there.

Soda enjoys her walks around City Centre. I just checked and that is how it is spelled. I think it helps rent increases every year to have it spelled the cool way. Not many wolves hang out in Houston so she is getting a ton of attention. My least favorite question is "how long do these dogs live?" It might be the most inconsiderate question ever asked of a pet owner. I want to answer with "Longer than you are smart" but I just say "forever."

Now that I'm out of Charlotte and all of Mark's errands have been attended to I took two naps today. That was the kind of unemployment I was looking forward to.

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