Monday, January 30, 2012

Photo dump Jan 30th

Trying to keep up with this is more challenging than having a job. I was actually good at my job, this is proving to much more difficult. But, here goes the pics I've taken over the last 5 or so days.
And they are in reverse order... because I'm not smart enough to change them around.

Tonight was Houston Rockets vs. Minnesota Timberwolves. The Wolves won, which makes Soda happy. These girls came in and were interested in having their picture taken with me. I obliged.

Houston's Toyota dome? Nice place. The suite we were in had some amazing chocolate chip cookies delivered.

This is one of Soda's many tours through City Centre. I'm pretty sure there aren't many wolf hybrids around here, because every third person stops me to ask about her.

Mark's urban living... his place is on the right, apartments on the left, straight ahead to City Centre and the gym.

Soda trapped in the elevator at Mark's house. What, you don't have an elevator?

Mark's friend gave Soda a pink pig as a gift. She seems to have taken to it.

More pig.

We have made numerous trips to the Apple store at the mall. Apple is making amazing products, but I think the customer service at the retail level has become "pick out whatever you want and I'll ring it up, but don't ask any questions please." There are 40 blue shirts on the floor on a weekend, but rarely do they answer any questions intelligently.

Mark and Soda on a walk. Mark's house last on right.

The elevator view again.

Mark in his "cubicle." He has an awesome view of the Sears Auto Center and the mall.

This was our Saturday morning- spin class with 45 (full class) others and a very loud and energetic instructor. "You are pulling a wagon up a hill! In the wagon are your dysfunctional family members. You keep pulling them!" Pretty amusing.

Was told that motos on the back of the bambi wouldn't work. This gives me hope for the vespa.

Breakfast in motel in Baton Rouge, LA on the way down here with my "IRON FORGE KNIFE" by Steve Watkins. Apple and humus. Almost as good as Soda's bowl of kibbles.

The Ford Raptor never moves. And my special parking place.
Soda waiting in Baton Rouge for the daily drive to begin.


Of course my final stop on the way out of town was Sport. Needed 26" inch tubes for the Trek STP which is being left in Durango and to collect mail... Truck is loaded with 5 pair of skis in the coffin, Michael's Tri bike up top, and Mark and my bikes inside and on the back.

This is actually an older picture, but so awesome it needed to be here. Soda snarling about indoor trainers. They suck but are necessary.

In Baton Rouge. Take all bikes inside. Sleep. Put all bikes back on bike. Drive.

 This is the Bayou "Trail" in Houston.  Goes for a bunch of miles.  Lots of people on a sunny day.

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