Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Feb 8th Update (part 2) Durango

 This is approaching some city in Texas but I can't remember.  I think Fort Worth.
 Lots of coal.
 Found this gem in some little town...  It is like a super un-aerodynamic Airstream but self powered.  And awesome!

 First snow walkies of the year with Soda in Amarillo.  My hats were packed, so a bit chilly for me.
 Seriously?  Where's my couch?
 This is for Kirstan in Portland who asks if I've forgotten how to drive in the snow from my FB post on snow in Amarillo.  No, but the Texans don't know how.  Oddly enough accelerating away from this was the only really slippery part of the day. 
 Here is the outside of Counter Culture in Santa Fe.
 Today started with Yoga at the rec center and followed up with a 90 minute snow shoe/hike.  It was only about 20 minutes with the shoes on because it was so muddy, so then just in run shoes.  This is up Horse Shoe Gulch in Durango.  Amazing mountain biking in the summer. 
 Yah.  Hiking.   Elevation.   Tired. 
And safe at the Villa in Durango.  Quiet here as I'm the only one til tomorrow, and then the fun begins.

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