Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentines Day and Photo dump Feb 15th

This weekend is the big "hut trip," so I've been doing a bunch of work to get ready for that.  We leave Friday morning for Silverton, about an hour away, and wont be out of avalanche danger until Monday afternoon.  Back country touring, or randonee, is ascending mountains under my own power, and then skiing down.  The key to this are special bindings that have a releasable heal and skins that attach to the bottom of the ski, which allows me to basically walk up the mountain.  Silverton is at 10,000 feet and I'll be as high as 12,000, so I will be out of breath and exhausted.   Mark has been in Houston working all week, so I got to pack lunches and clothing that will be taken up ahead of time.

This week was hectic.  I found the most acceptable kennel for Soda.  I am not looking forward to leaving her there on Friday morning for 4 days, but hopefully she makes some friends and has a good time.  I am pretty sure she is ready to go home and sleep on her couch.  My couch.  Hers...

I went up to DMR Nordic and skated for an hour 20 on Tuesday and today went with a new friend to Ski Hesperus, Durango's very local ski area, for two uphill laps. 

Here's the photo dump from the last few days.

 Toyota Hilux - that's what they call it in every other part of the world.  And probably available in a diesel manual... not sure what this one was about but very nice.

 Lots of trucks and racks in Durango, as in any ski town.

Mark picking out his new skate skis w/ Lorraine the amazing boot fitter.

 I think this one already in here, but never too many photos of Soda.  She has been going with me to the trailhead and sleeping in the truck.  She loves the cold air.

 Mark orders Nespresso by the truckload.  It is super good.  Best espresso outside of Italy.  Or Dilworth Coffee.

 This is Connie.  We skinned up Ski Hesperus twice today.

 Hi.  I live in Durango.

 I'm not breathing hard.  I'm not breathing hard...

 You've heard the expression "the moguls are as big as vw bugs?"   This is why.   Or, alternately, this is where vw bugs go to die.

 I can flyyyyyy!

 Action photo...

 Happy valentines day!  Meh.

 Finally snowed in town- about 8".

 This is at the Nordic center across from Durango Mtn Resort (aka DMR or Purgatory).  I was the only one on the trail on Tuesday.

 The snow was uber soft and slow.  Made for tedious progress.  Getting better- big downhills aren't scary anymore and turning much easier.

 This is Zoey.  She and her sister (behind) Zia are snow dogs.

We had a moment.

That's it for today.  

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