Sunday, February 12, 2012

Skate Skiing DMR Day 1 - Vallecito Day 2 Feb 11/12

Skate skiing (aka cross country skiing, but not classic) was the order of the weekend.  We went yesterday up to DMR's (Durango Mountain Resort or Purgatory) cross country center, rented equipment, and went skate skiing.  It is truly a humbling experience to be reduced to a bumbling beginner.  There is nothing too steep for me to ski or bike, but a little sign like this on free heeling xc skis and it strikes terror into my heart.  I am exaggerating a little bit, but it is still crazy how hard it is.  I have done this about 3 times before, usually after a hard day of skiing in Aspen, so a fresh start makes the going a little easier.  I made it an hour and was completely gassed.


 Another drop that wouldn't even phase me on anything that kept my heels locked down...

 Mark looking stylish on the world cup ski circuit.

 Making it look easy.  Yes, he's good at this too.

 I (gasp) am (gasp) enjoying (gasp) this!   Gasp. 

Sun.  Skis.  Mountains.  Perfect. 

 Push off with the ball of your foot!

 Soda came with us, slept in the truck while we skied, and then cruised around in the snow.  She met Murphy, who's mom was out teaching lessons.  

 Murphy was very friendly and very patiently waiting for his mom.

 At home was a great surprise- Mark's friends made us dinner.  Pork, espinacas catalana, risotto, and a home made apple pie dessert.  Very tasty!

 Mark getting the wine ready.

Mark's friends Brad and Mary.  Brad is an outstanding chef.  Mary is going to learn about her iPhone 4s.

Today, Feb 12, we drove a bit further up to Vallecito reservoir, about 45 minutes NE of Durango.  It started dumping snow in the middle of the night, so we had some fresh powder to wade through- not ideal for skating, but tons of fun.  We ended up going for just under 3 hours and I was thrashed.  I consider this altitude training for the Double Down, so it is good for me. 

 Post ski.

Soda got to play with a few dogs before we went out, including Mark's friend Lisa's Newfie named Arthur.  She slept the entire time in the truck and was too tired to get up when we came back.  Good dog!

Mark is back off to Houston for the week, so I am alone in the villa.  Hmmm... what shenanigans can I find this week?


A Bookworm said...

Was wondering how Soda was spending her time while you're off gallivanting on the slopes.Good to know she's making some friends skiing the lodge (or the truck). Keep having fun!

Anonymous said...

life begins at the edge of our comfort zone.