Saturday, February 11, 2012

Soda's First Off leash ticket!

Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Beautiful views, amazing architecture, outstanding food, a lively music and art scene, and an Animal Control Officer in training.  I've always wondered when Soda would get her first ticket since she is always cruising off leash.  So many people over the years told me "it's the law! your dog has to be on a leash!"  And I would calmly explain that it was my right as a citizen to disobey any laws that I felt weren't appropriate for me and that I would accept any punishment that the law doled out to me.  I also explained that on the way to _____ (park, restaurant, etc...) that I had sped, rolled through stop signs, and texted while I drove.  So this infraction was probably the least offensive of my day.  That never did much for improving the relationship with the person that was yelling at me, but I digress.
Anyway, this was at a park in Santa Fe after lunch and no sooner had we shown up an Animal Control Officer drove up and instantly started writing her a ticket.  I explained that we were rolling through town and on our way, but he continued his work.  Turns out he was in training, it is a written warning, and the whole point was for him to learn how to fill in all the blanks on the form.  He came back another time to ask me a few more questions.  Very nice kid. 
So Soda is now a convicted criminal.  I'm so proud.  Sniffle.

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