Sunday, March 04, 2012

Portland, Boulder, Charlotte - Final Road Trip Post

I am finally home.   After over 5000 miles in the Sequoia, a few hotel rooms, a bunch of friends, and lots of adventures this round is in the books.  Here is the last picture dump, which of course they are jumbled in order because my blogging skills are pretty slim.

Left Durango on Thursday the 23rd to hang out with Natasha, a friend I met in Frazier Park, CA.  She and her husband moved to Carbondale/Aspen way back when.  It was great to catch up with her.  Went up to Aspen on Friday morning to get some boot work done at Surefoot.  Have not been overly impressed with them for the 5 years I've had these boots, but hopefully this last visit makes a difference.    Did a crossfit workout in Carbondale on the way out of town, and then headed to Boulder.  Stayed with Jim, a friend from UofO and Team Breck.  Flew to Portland on Sunday, hung out with friends and family, and then flew back to Denver on Wed.  Greg, also a Team Breck teammate, picked me up and delivered me back to Boulder.   Reunited with Soda (she stayed with Jim and went to work a few times at the Apex Boot Company, a completely different kind of ski boot), packed my stuff, and hit the road for 450 miles to Salina, KS.  Thurs. was 700 miles to Louisville, KY with some friends I met in Italy.  And Friday home.  Whew!

Mark on way to airport after hut trip.  Very relaxed and looking cool in white shades.

My last errand in Durango- new AT boots.  Crazy light and Dynafit binding approved.  Mark, you won't notice your SideStash skis are missing, right?  These are Glen Plake designed boots, which should make either my skiing better or my hair resemble a mohawk.

The drive into Ouray.  Lots of fun- snow driving is one of my favorite things to do.

Ouray, CO.  Crazy cool town.

At Natasha's place in Carbondale.  Soda found the bed.

LTD Cycleworx in Boulder.  Couch.  Bikes.  Soda happy.  LTD is not limited, it is "Living the Dream"

Jim and I went to colledge colege cawlege school together for a year at Univ. or Oregon.  Then we moved to Breck for the good stuff.  He is keeping himself busy with cycling and skiing in Boulder.  He and I and his friend Jennifer went on a nice windy ride.

Alpenrose Velodrome in Portland.  Very steep, especially on a BMX bike as we rode it when we were kids.

Quinoa salad.  Only in Portland!

Ken McClenahan, Specialized rep extraordinaire.   At River City Bicycles in Portland.

My dad asks, "How's the scenery where you are?"   Kansas.  So.  Exciting.

City Wolf looking for better pooping grass.

This is supposed to be the final picture.  HOME!  Yay my leather couch.

Baker Bridge in Durango.

Molas pass, or somewhere.

Cool stuff dropping into Ouray.

Awesome walls!

Dropping into Ouray.

There is no escaping Ouray!

Ouray's in town ski hill- one small rope tow.

Bed and Breakfast for sale, $395,000.   Do not call.  DO NOT CALL!

Cool lake on way through Gunnison county.

One of the reasons why Portland is cooler than your town.

Another reason... cool Land Rover wagon across the street from my parent's house.

This is Miles.  Or Kilometer in Europe.

This is Eric and his kid Miles.  We grew up together.

A mostly used rack store.  This could only happen in Portland.  And maybe Denver. 

Rapha and River City reusing cigar boxes the right way!

Micro homes.  43rd and Division if you are looking.

Only 99k for 367 feet.  Count me in.  I'll leave my shoes outside.

Eric and sister Kirstan.  We have all been friends since the age of 8.

Hey Crossfit!  Can you flip this tire?

Who DOESN'T want a blower like this???

The Garage (I think) in Louisville, KY.   Great pizza and the cars crash more and more every day.

Amy and Kat- Italy cycling friends.

Ping Pong at the Garage.

Crazy hotel/bar down the street with lots of art work.  And a penguin theme.

Tigers on the wall.

This isn't porn.  It's art.   Because of the tattoos I think.

Me and my penguin friend enjoying gin.

Snowy halfpipe.

Movie/words.  That avoid you.  Or something.

Boys pee in the urinal and look through into the hallway.

Nice dress.

Total trip miles 5022.

"Dad, I like this grass."

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