Monday, April 02, 2012

Random update dump- new Camera, Hot century, blah.

Post Utah, Pre Double Down-  rode my bike every day, chilled at the house, spent time with Soda, and got the bike ready for the DD. 
New camera, first pic.  Soda of course.

Andrew's extra extra large Independent Fabrication carbon XS.

Monday before Double Down- proposed 140 miles to Pickens.  We stopped at 107.5 and had bagels and got a ride to the finish.

This sounds like a good idea!

Hmmm.  I'm already sweating and we are only 20 miles in. 

Still sweating.

Blah!  Blah blah!

Kings Mountain climbing- beautiful (the scenery, not me).

Gas station at 101 or so.  It was 88 degrees and a head wind the entire way.  We were a bit thrashed by now.

80 miles in and snack time.  Orangey sweetness!

At 101, looking a little hot and bothered.

Chris and Jonathon come to rescue us!  And made us an awesome steak dinner, too.

At Chris's Pickens Cabin.  Very swank pad.

Back in town, a rare dinner appearance by Alex Roth.

"I'm riding a cruiser!"

Soda enjoying the lawn.

Andrew wrapping a fig newton in prosciutto.  And enjoying.

Grilling at Raab's house- Mandatory Waffles and Wine meeting.

Soda hunting something blue.

Ohhhh, a pillow.  I like this!

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