Saturday, May 26, 2012

Return to Durango April, 2012

This was supposed to be posted back in April, but I have not been attentive...
I am back in Charlotte for the summer and training for Ironman Mont Tremblant in Quebec and trying to sell off all my excess bike crap that is filling my house and storage unit and extra bike shop in Rock Hill.  Any one needs any extra stuff hit me up!

Another round in Durango beginning of April!   Not a long trip, but a quick last minute trip to get in the final bits of snow that was quickly disappearing.  The trails in town were already dry and mountain bike ready, so we got in a great tour of Horse Gulch and the Alien Run in Farmington, NM.    Two days each of mountain biking and back country skiing was just the ticket for a sweet weekend.  

This was day one of skiing.  Mark was delayed somewhere so I was on my own with uber guide Danika.
At the top...

First turns.

Second turn... pretty mushy!

Nicer down in the middle.

Danika on the way up.

Good times!

Yay snack time!

It was much windier than it looks.

At the bottom, I almost went the steep way down to the road.  Now to hitch hike back up to the car.

Getting Mark's winter Blizzaks swapped out.

Next day's 3 hour mtb ride at the "Town Trails."  You can ride these from town...  Mark and Lisa.

Ilan and Harald.

Mark with his new Superfly 100!  He can fly downhill now.

Harald and Lisa conspiring.

Much better than a day in the office!

This is a day in the office for me!

This was for Andrew... he loves the F250.

Day two of skiing was a climb up Red Mountain 2:
Danika brought her dog!

Smiles for snacks!

This was the steep part!

Here are some videos we took with the Contour strapped to my backpack.  It is pointed a little low, but definitely gives a good perspective of how steep the hill is and how out of shape I am.  At 12,800 feet even descending is tiring.  We climbed about 3 hours up and then had one of the longest descents of 20 minutes.

Long video, not that exciting...  unless you were there.

And the last day was an Alien Run for Mark and I.  This has got to be one of the most fun trails I've ridden.  Hard to find (Aztec, NM) but well worth it.

Nice views.

Start of the hard part!

Yes that's a dab...

and another...

and done...

Back to Charlotte to get ready for the next adventure!

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