Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ironman Mont-Tremblant 2012 part deux

Saturday morning.  The calm before the storm.  It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  Too many gels makes Jack a very boring boy.   I'm not going to hurt you... I'm going to f$%king kill you!  
Yay Ironman!

Drove some of the course yesterday, both bike and run.  There are some stout hills on the bike course, but definitely easier than Lake Placid or CdA, Idaho.   Montreal has done a ton of work in prep for this race including repaving a huge section of 117 for us.  We ride out and back on one very smooth side, and the other side is chewed up and very reminiscent of South Carolina. 

Today's job is to get all the stuff into transition- bike has to be ready to go (except for tire pumping and water bottles), and the bags have to be filled- everything needed to ride and run go over there too.

This morning started off very well- with this little dude coming up to the deck and hanging out with me for about 5 minutes.  He didn't say much, and what he did say was in French so I didn't understand:  "si je pouvais avoir une certaine s'il vous plaît de vos amandes je serais très reconnaissant"    Silly woodchuck.  If the woodchuck doesn't embody the Ironman spirit I don't know what does.

 So much stuff... gels, gel flasks, cytomax, bottles, swim cap, numbers, etc..   so much.

 One double "oh" 8.   License to finish.    Quickly I hope.

 Tic Tac anyone?

 Nothing ruins a bike more than the crap we have to hang off of it at an Ironman.  So sad.

 Tom and Lynne found this awesome bakery with an Ironman cake.

 And then Kristi and I found it.

 And inside an awesome chocolate sculpture and a map of the Ironmans of the Mondial!

 This is Wilson!  Same dog I saw earlier in the day on the other side of town.  His mom was eating dinner at the same place we went.  He was actually "working" earlier w/ the artists, kind of like a Walmart greeter. 

The advertisement for the local petting zoo had a very weird looking dude available to pet.  Colleen- this is one you won't want in your "Two Way Petting Zoo"

And finally back at the bakery for some treats.

See you later!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Ironman Mont-Tremblant Aug. 2012

So... once again the Ironman bug as bitten.  Although in fairness it did bite over a year ago when we signed up.  There are 7 of us up here from Charlotte, with friends and family rolling in this evening to help cheer (that is harder than competing, btw).  
We are 140k north of Montreal, and it is definitely more like France than Canada for sure, eh.  All the signs are in French and hardly any are in English, so getting out of the city took a bit of creative thinking- figuring out Nord and Sud helped get us on the right roads quickly.
This is the first half, pre race, and us getting settled in.

Myself, Lynne, Kristi, Terry, Raz, and Tom all got to Montreal around the same time.

 Lynne and I got a ride from Frank in the morning, took separate flights to Chicago, and then were reunited.  Much happiness.

 Lynne shows me a picture of me asleep on the plane with my mouth open...  and then I show her the picture I took of her butt while she slept.   Luckily my picture won't make it into the blog!

 This is for Rachel- a huge store of Gluten free goodies.  Looked tasty on my quick walk through.

 Sorry.  You aren't invited to lunch.  It is too eggsclusif for you.

 Raz on the left in his best Danish accent:  "I am doing an ironman and am going to eat a very healthy meal..."


 I'm not sure I would trust Aero Losers.  Or Loisers.  

 Dinner time at the village.

 Lynne in the village- lots of people, cobbled streets, a gondola, and plenty of restaurants.

 Terry and Kristi deciding on which bowl of overpriced pasta to get.

 Raz and Tom thinking about pasta...

 Lynne making one of her many faces.

 Right as we left dinner we saw the beginning of the family friendly Ironman activities- this was the Ironman Crazy Parade.  Tons of kids, music, disco lights, and a French guy dj screaming something.

 The kids were having a great time.

 Bikes and bags picked up- they went up with a company called Tri Bike Transport in a truck.  Big benefit is that the bikes don't get disassembled at all, so we can grab them and go.

 We are discussing where to go, since none of us have a map and don't know the route.

 We found the 8 mile out and back section with the steepest hills.  It is a grunt to get out here, and the a rip back into town.  We hit this section last of the first and second loops. 

 Done with the ride, now back at Ironman Village to see what's what and get a few more things.

 They had a kids fun run and 5k. 

 Scoping out transition.

 The big arch and stage behind.  There was stuff on it all day...

 Kristi after running into the sign on the way to the grocery store.   Please don't ride like this...

 In her defense it is a rental van, in Terry's name, and that sign is kind of skinny.

 Gregg shows up on Thursday and is getting very comfy on the couch.  This will not be his 12th Ironman since he has pneumonia and feels like crap.

Terry, Gregg, and Tom - Post swim at the swim club.  The water feels great and there is a mountain in the distance that might make this the easiest sighting event ever (except for Placid which has a rope in the water).

 Raz and Lynne happy to be out the water.

 Raz doing some kind of foot polishing technique.

 Back in the ski area village we find the coffee shop (first one Jamey, honestly!).

 And discover some uber tasty treats. 

 Scoping the run course.  I like crushed gravel.  Until it gets in my shoes.

 This is at the y where we turn right for a while.  And then come back and go left.  Or something.

 Some dude painting, another guy doing something, and a super cute dog just waiting for me to scratch its ears.

 Eh?  Old dog like that?

 Almost every building around had some sort of Ironman decoration- the area is super excited to have the event here.

 This was a cool bike shop/sandwich place.  Crowded for sure.

 I would have been fatter than I already was if I had sandwiches at my disposal...

 Mr. Corn with an aero helmet!

 Sea sucker bike rack on the rental car.  This is to practice for the upcoming trip to Munich and Italy w/ Mark.  We will be on the autobahn going 140mph in a BMW 550Xi and have a couple of bikes up top.  Hopefully they stay on!

 Suction cups... awesome.

Blogging time... am prepared.

That's it for today!  Will have the race photos posted as soon as I can gather them all up.