Sunday, September 16, 2012

Como day 1- Ride to Bellagio

Como day 1.
We are staying with friends of Mark's in Cernobbio, about 5k south of Como.  They have an amazing house up on the hill with incredible views.
We got an incredibly late start today after sleeping for 11 hours.  The Ritchey Breakaway bikes that I got us in Charlotte came together very easily and ride incredibly well.  Mark built his with Campy Record and his carbon Hyperon wheels, because he is Mark, and I built mine with Chorus and some nice 32 spoke 3 cross wheels for durability.  The new 11 speed Campy feels very good.

Weekend riding in Como is pretty busy.  We got passed by tons of cars and motos, although every one of them respectful and not once do we feel nervous about how close they are.  Riding here isn't for the faint of heart- blind corners, walls, and cliffs.   All what we are looking for of course.

Not a bad way to start the New Year- Happy Rosh Hashanah!

Bikes ready and waiting...

Representing Bicycle Sport!

Romano heading out with his mistress, the Harley Davidson, and one of his sons up on the balcony.

For Doug- this is a real GT3.

We rode up the lake to Bellagio and took the ferry across.


Waiting for the ferry.


More waiting...

It is finally coming.

And now we are off!

Looking back at Bellagio.

With the ship's bell...

Mark ready to go on the other side.

Coming up on Cadanabbia.

The mountains here are also legit.

Villa Destre... famous hotel/bar here in Cernobbio.  This pic is for Jim Penzell, his favorite place.

Mark on the final climb back to the house.

More climbing.

And finally there, we have some great treats waiting for us!

Very relaxing on the deck!


danielle said...

You both look fabulous. Those treats also seem like they would cancel out all that work, well, depending on how many you ate. 11 hours of sleep sounds amazing, I don't get that in 2 nights sleep. Have you hit the town yet? Is the lake swimable? Great pictures. Dad and I think you could have a future in writing. Your blog is good. Love you

Brittany said...

Very nice postt