Monday, September 17, 2012

Como Day 2: Switzerland!

Last night we had dinner with Stefano (Romano's son) and his girlfriend Eleanora.  They live in Como near the soccer stadio.  We walked over to his favorite bar for drinks (they are fond of Campari and vodka shaken) and the waiter pulls out this little folding bike to put our apps on.  

One of the apps at dinner was "Lardo."   Specifically a special kind of fat that you put onto toast with honey.  It was good.

Stefano's apartment was incredibly cool.

Into the kitchen.

Very cool chairs...

Living room onto the balcony.

More of the crazy steelwork/shelving.

The weather in Como continues to be outstanding as we started (late again) for a nice tour of Switzerland that Romano suggested.  He has done many of these routes on his mistress the Harley Davidson, so we took his advice and set off.  Going through the border to Switzerland was effortless- they didn't even glance at us, just waved us through.   We were at a small crossing though, not on the main road.  They are used to seeing lots of cyclists and don't seem to care much.
Mark of course wears the perfect outfit- matching the colors of the flag.

The iPhone has become the most valuable piece of equipment- every time we were lost it showed us the way.

Coming into Lugano, Switzerland, is a huge beautiful lake.

With massive mountains in the background.

And some sweet cars for sale along the blvd.

Across from us a very cool looking village.

Mark rolling happily.

I believe Paridisio.

Beautiful views as far as the eye can see.

Lunch in Porlezza (back in Italy).

Mark making sure his office back home hasn't burned down.

He was patiently waiting for me on top of the big climb on the way back to Como.

iPhone back out, checking the route.

Lots of industrial stuff at the top of this hill.  And we got to pass 200 cars at the bottom where it hit the little road around the lake because of how slowly they were merging.

And starting the fun 5k climb back to the Villa.

On the lake...

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