Monday, September 24, 2012

Como day 3- Madonna di Ghisallo

I am finally home, and am now able to post the rest of the pictures from the trip.  There was absolutely no wifi in Morgex, the latter part of our adventure, so here they are...

This was the best ride of the week in Como.  We started in Cernobbio, rode down through Como and up to Erba, and into the interior with a climb up to the Madonna di Ghisallo, the famous shrine to cycling.  Unfortunately the Museo was closed and it looked like fun.
Back down to Barni and then a very long climb up SP44 to Plan del Tivano.  Then down to the lake and back home...

The ride started out with some great amusement.  Mark complaining of a new sound coming from his bike, "a tap tap tap" sound.  I looked over and after a few tries sorted out that it was his zipper tab hitting his helmet buckle.  Of course I almost fell off my bike laughing. 

Getting off the main road...

Very skinny and steep! (the road, not me)

Cool views every direction.

And beautiful weather.

To the Madonna di Ghisallo- three of their legends.

Inside- cycling jerseys signed.

A very sad sight:  Fabio Castartelli's damaged bike from his fatal crash.

Bikes stacked everywhere.

They like Cadel here...


And another cool statue of someone calling for help for his downed friend.

And me calling for lunch I think.

Lunch at the Bar Ghisallino.

They really like Moto Guzzis.

Very fancy menu.

Now Bar got me here... pizza getting me home.

Someone has some spare time.

ilan:  "Pizza me good!  Pizza you bad!"      Mark:   "Pizza sucks!"    I was climbing faster....

At the top after a 50 minute climb or so.

Incredible views!

And a small break before the descent.

I didn't take any more pics today... the descent from here back to Como was 30 minutes long with never ending views and switchbacks and grins.  It was definitely top 3 descents I've ever done.

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