Friday, September 14, 2012

Munich to Italy via BMW WELT

Hello...  Ironman Part tre is going to have to wait.  I tried to get it uploaded but got distracted with getting packed for this trip, getting Soda into her new vest, and trying to get my house cleaned up enough to walk between all the bikes...

At the bar inside Munich airport, a nice Focus Bike and kit display.  This is for Duncan, our new local rep.

Mark and I arrive at BMW Welt.  It is a massive building/operation and incredibly impressive.

Lots of stuff to look at.

Looking down to the deliveries area.

We had a nice cafeteria with tons of drinks and food- this is looking across at the future biker bar cafe.  Tons of guys were picking up their motos and going for a ride.

This is our new 550 GT.  It was spinning around as we approached it.

Three times a day they do a moto show- this guy was cruising up and down stairs and showing off.  Nothing sounds better than a big thumper indoors!

Getting sideways.

Going up...
The building is 6 stories, more below ground than above.  This is the elevator that brings cars up from storage to delivery.

Rolf is our personal delivery expert, showing Mark all the cool new stuff in the car.  They get plugged in so they don't drain the battery.  He told us they were delivering 126 cars that day- the average day is around 80.  If you are ever thinking of purchasing a new BMW (or Audi or Mercedes) I highly recommend the experience.  You save about 7% which effectively pays for your trip and it'll be the trip of a lifetime.

BMW recently purchased Husqvarna and had an impressive display.

Me ready to jump on the Paris-Dakar bike and head into the dessert.  It is available to purchase for about 35000 Euro.

Finally on the road and leaving the Welt.

Driving south through Lichtenstein and Switzerland heading for Italy.  The mountains here are legit.

Crazy steep and snow covered still.  Some of it is fresh snow from a few days ago.

Pulled up to Romano's house and this is the first thing I see- I am definitely home!  We are in Cernobbio on Lago di Como (Lake Como). 

View from the terrace where we enjoyed our drinks and apps.  Northern Italy is definitely more wealthy than southern.  This is looking out over Cernobio towards town of Como right at sunset.

Across the lake.

And the rest of the view.  Absolutely spectacular.

Driving the 550 through narrow streets of Cernobbio was quite, uh, exciting.  There are sections of road that the car barely fits through, and it is two way traffic.  Mark was navigating and I was trying to keep us off the walls.   Steep roads, switchbacks, and traffic.  Lots of fun when it isn't your car!

No speed limits in Germany for large sections.  Mark had us at 100mph for a while- doesn't feel that fast in the 550.   And people in little econo boxes were still passing us.

Romano's wife Vanentina made dinner- crazy good pasta, wine, and caprese salad.   Sleeep was very welcome after only 30 minutes of sleep on flight.

This morning's project is to build the new bikes and head out for a ride around the lake and to see the bike museo and shrine in Ghisallo.


danielle said...

What a great update and how beautiful. I was hoping there was a way to feel connected while you are gone. I already miss you. Say hi to Mark. Enjoy the scenery, food, biking, people, each other, being away. Oh, and the car! Love you, Danielle

Christel said...

This is fantastic!