Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bergamo Part Due- Solo and catching up.

Everyone went home yesterday, so it has been much quieter around the apartment and I am catching up on posting all the pictures.  These are all still from the first week with Lynne, Angela, Brenda, Pete, Duncan, and Danielle in town.  My bike didn't show up for 3 days, but our rental agency delivered all 4 bikes for both weeks and I was able to ride one of the spares with my running shoes and toe clips.  I was very fortunate and it really didn't bother me at all.

Bergamo is officially in the "Lakes region" of Italy (Como, Garda, etc..) and this is our ride up to and around one of them- maybe Iseo.

Showing why toeclips are so wonderful- better than a kickstand.

This section was uber steep and some paw footed animal walked through it while it was still wet.

Beautiful mural at the top of the climb.  Many of these climbs are tour worthy!

I sat outside waiting for the courier for 90 minutes.  Just as I laid my head down to nap the doorman to our building brought me a beer and meat.

I can't remember if this was Lago di Iseo or Endine.  One is much smaller and just east of Bergamo, Iseo is very big and further east.  Also ridable to Como...

And I found some off road paths to ride.  My favorite!

There is a dog at the top of the field sitting there watching us ride by.  He was unfazed.

Heading up into the hills.

I talked with this man for about 10 minutes in my limited Italian.  He lives 4k away, rode his scooter here to hang out, and was born on October 16th, 1933- 2 days before my father. 

This is as angry as we saw Pete.

I think a caption contest would be worthwhile.

I had my camera out and have a series of these.

Which I will call:

"Lynne just saw her dream man"

Needs to cool herself off.

Poor guy is just a piece of meat to her.

Night on the town.

The whole crew- Duncan and Danielle went off to Cinqueterra.

The restaurant is called Biif.  The pizza were large and the burgers very good.

This was our big ride.  Turned out to be 111 miles with some stout climbs up to Ghisallo and towards Nesso.   We found a tour guide to take us from before Lecco almost all the way to Bellaggio. 

Looking across Lago di Como towards Lecco.

Our guide Antonio.  He pulled a fair bit and impressed us with his strength.  Typical to Italians he only had one water bottle and the other held his flat repair kit.  And he never drank.

In Bellaggio, the coolest Defender 110 EVER.

Climbing to Ghisallo.

Some nice views there.

I'm crushing your boat!

Ghisallo is the shrine to all things cycling in Italy.  Well worth the visit.


That's all for today.  Uploading pictures is hard work.  Now off to walk around Bergamo and drink with my new friends from today's ride alle diecotto un mezzo.

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